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These are just a few of the nice things people have had to say about Halen Môn Sea Salt:

'The salt has a marvellous, mellow, slightly sweet flavour.'
Ari Weinzweig
Zingerman’s Deli, USA

'Cynnyrch glân gloyw Cymru yw Halen Môr Môn, distylliad gwfreiddiol o haul a heli, tir a môr'.
Robin Llywelyn
Managing Director, Portmeirion Village, Wales

'The love and care that goes into producing Halen Môn is reflected in the taste and it is one of the finest products
made in Wales.'
Bryan Webb
Michelin starred Chef Proprietor, Tyddyn Llan, Corwen, Wales

'Nothing makes your daily grind more pleasurable.'
Glynn Christian
Award-winning TV cook and food writer

'The Halen Môn Sea Salt Crystals are harvested with the utmost care, resulting in salt flakes in the shape of beautiful precious stones. The addition of a few delicate crystals not only adds the flavour we are aiming for but also beauty and an additional layer of texture.'
Richard Ekkebus
Culinary Director, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

‘With Halen Môn we know we are getting one of the best tasting sea salts available on the world market, and like our own chocolate, it is made by a caring, family-run business.'
James Booth
Director, Rococo’s Chocolates, London, England

'Halen Môn is extracted with great care using an innovative system that preserves all the trace elements and minerals of the fresh tumbling sea water of the Menai Straits. The complex mineral structure of Halen Môn makes all the taste areas on the palate highly sensitive and lively, and hence makes food taste exceedingly vibrant.'
Colin Pressdee
Food writer

‘Halen Môn sea salt is unsurpassed: it has a pure taste, perfect bite and a deliciously crunchy texture.’
Chris Chown
Chef Proprietor, Plas Bodegroes, Pwllheli, Wales

'Halen Môn's Smoked Sea Salt has become a true essential for summer barbeques.'
Dave Parry
Americymru, Chicago, Illinois, USA

‘I use Halen Môn because it fits with my food philosophy; good ingredients require little work to turn them into great meals. Halen Môn enhances every dish I add it to.'
Jane Milton
Food Industry Expert, blogger and chef

‘I look upon Halen Môn Sea Salt as an essential ingredient. One should always source the very best ingredients and Halen Môn has the best texture and flavour of all.’
Bryn Williams
Chef Proprietor, Odette's, Primrose Hill, London, England

'I enjoy using this fabulous pure, beautiful salt because it brings my food to life! It even feels amazing between my fingers when I pinch it, I just love it.’
Valentina Harris
Celebrity chef and authority on Italian food and culture

'Halen Môn is a store cupboard essential both in its natural state and its flavoured variants – Quails' eggs would weep
without the celery salt. Having visited the production site, it was super to see the care and attention put into the transformation of the salt water into the sparkling crystal gems that should be treasured on every kitchen table.'
Sam Rosen-Nash
Grocery Buyer, Fortnum & Mason, London, England

‘The delicate flakes of the Organic Sea Salt leave a delicious lingering taste on the lips, like the clear Anglesey seawater from which they are taken, and add a tantalising depth to every dish in which they are used...It’s life changing stuff.'
Simon Majumdar
Author, food writer and broadcaster

Even Barack Obama is a fan!

Halen Môn is a key ingredient in his favourite chocolates: Smoked Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolates made by Fran’s
Chocolates in Seattle:
'The subtly of this complex smoked sea salt brings out the flavour in our caramel and provides the perfect complement.'

Fran Bigelow President Fran's Chocolates, Seattle, USA