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From Harvest to Table

We take great pride in harvesting the crunchy white flakes of Halen Môn, marrying a centuries-old craft with high technology. We use pure charcoal-filtered seawater, drawn from the Menai Strait around Anglesey. Before the water even reaches us it has already passed through two filters: a mussel bed and a sandbank.

  • The water is gently heated in a vacuum so it boils at a low temperature
  • Gradually, the water releases steam and turns into a very salty brine
  • When the concentration of salt in the water is high enough we release it into shallow crystallisation tanks
  • Later when the crystals have formed, we harvest the salt by hand
  • Then we rinse the flakes in brine until they shine

Every part of the salt-making process is controlled so it meets strict training, hygiene, health and safety standards. We’re BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified and we’re also one of the few sea salt producers to have qualified for Certified Product Status from the Soil Association. For added peace of mind, every pack of salt we sell is marked with the harvest date and the salt maker’s initials.

Link the initials on your tube to the face of the harvester